How Often Should You Get a Massage?

How often you should get a massage really depends on the reason you get massages. For example, do you get a massage for relaxation and stress relief or do you get a massage primarily for health benefits? Here are two of the most common reasons to get a regular massage and how frequently you should get them.


Relaxation and stress relief go hand-in-hand. Not only is a massage beneficial for relieving stress and promoting relaxation, but they are also the most common reasons why people get a massage. A massage for relaxation will help to improve the flexibility of your joints and increase blood circulation, which in turn relaxes your body and prevents problems with muscle tension and pain. But why wait until you are stiff and tense, a relaxation massage is usually recommended at least once a month, but since this is a gentle, non-aggressive type of massage, so you can get a relaxation massage anytime you want.

Stress Relief

If you work at a job with a high stress level or that requires you to sit in a certain position for long periods of time, your muscles may start to tighten up. This type of pain and stiffness frequently occurs in your back, arms, neck and shoulders. The increased pain may make it difficult to move as well as increase your stress levels. It is extremely unhealthy to live with high stress levels for a prolonged period of time. High levels of stress can increase your risk of developing heart disease as well as other diseases. Fortunately, a massage can help relieve your stress. For most people, getting a massage every 2-4 weeks will help to reduce your stress related tension.

Massage therapy is extremely beneficial for relieving a variety of ailments, but how often you should have a massage varies, depending on the type of problem you are attempting to address. For example, most chronic health conditions can benefit from a massage 2-4 times each month as a way of helping to relieve your pain. However, with some health conditions a massage more than once a month may not be beneficial. The frequency of your massages depends on you, the type of condition you have and the severity of it. If you are having a massage for a specific health condition, for an injury or in relation to sports, it is best to talk with your massage therapist for recommendations on the frequency of your massages.

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